Controlling temperature is imperative in the production of semiconductors.  With over 20 years of working in the semiconductor industry, BV Thermal Systems is aware of the needs and requirements of the semiconductor fabricators and also the problems that are so often encountered such as voltage-sag.  This experience has allowed us to develop and continue to develop units specifically for the semiconductor industry that deliver every day with extreme reliability.

Etch/Ashing, Wet Etch- the Rack-Mounted Chiller was designed specifically for poly, metal, and trans-ambient oxide dry etchers.

Heat Exchanger from BV Thermal SystemsWet benches- the Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchanger is designed for controlling the temperature of  corrosive fluids and ultra-purity fluids.

Custom ChillerSEMI, Mass Spectroscopy (MS) and Inductively Coupled Plama and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (ICP/AA) – the Extended Temperature Heat Exchanger are incredibly reliable and efficient in controlling the fluid temperature.

Applications of Current Semiconductor Manufacturing Customers

MBE   Crystal Growning
Etch/Ashing, Wet Etch   Cutting Dicing
Implant   Die Packaging and Die Testing
TRP   Handlers and testers
Inductively Coupled Plasma and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry   Polishing/Grinding
Lithography    Cabinet Cooling
Mass Spectrosocopy (MS)    MOCVD
Dry Etching    Wafer Testing