Today’s high-technology medical equipment requires reliable cooling for accurate operation.  As healthcare costs continue to rise, diagnostic imaging has become key factor in reducing risk and costs normally associated with exploratory surgery.  Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)  is a method of creating images of organs inside of the human body. Used primarily to demonstrate pathological or physiological changes in these organs, MRI scanning is a standard form of medical imaging used by the medical and biological professions in a variety of situations.  With the use of an MRI, MRA, PET or other imaging system, both costs and risks are are controlled.

Keep Your MRI’s, MRA’s, PET’s and CT Scans Cool.

As the temperatures continue to increase, the need for liquid cooling to remove high watt density heat loads from MRI’s, Linear Accelerators, Biograph Systems, CT Scans, Blood Analyzers and other applications is paramount.  For these scanners to operate at the highest levels of efficiency, the magnet inside the scanner has to be kept as cool as possible.

We engineer,design and manufacture water and air cooled chillers for the medical and scientific community.  BV Thermal Systems medical chillers and fluid to fluid heat exchangers provide the accurate and reliable cooling for the imaging systems.  Our chillers have been tested over and over throughout the industry to meet the stringent requirements of the best medical equipment and has proven its reliability.

The Medical Recirculating Chillers and Heat Exchangers  are designed and manufactured for accuracy and longevity in temperature control and to maximize up-time while keeping your bottom line in mind .  Our Medical Chillers and heat exchangers are widely recognized as reliable and accurate which is why they are used by medical OEMs as:  Agilent, Philips, and Varian.

Applications of some of our current customers include:

CT Scanning Digital X-Ray Systems
MRI Scanning Muscular Healing
Medical Lasers Low Light CCD Camera
Cancer Illumination Human Body Cooling
Cancer Research Blood Cooling Systems
Drug Testing Laser Hair Removal
Temperature Cycling Laser Tattoo Removal
Fat Dissolving Post-Operative Healing