Lasers are known for generating vast amounts of heat that must be removed to avoid overheating. By keeping the laser cool the accuracy is maintained, the beam shape and quality is maintained and there is less stress put upon the laser system. BV Thermal Systems has designed the Recirculating Mercury Chiller to ensure accurate temperature control of water or liquid-cooled lasers. The Mercury Laser Chiller improves laser performance by maintaining a precise laser wavelength and the beam shape quality. By maintaining accurate temperature control over the laser system reduces the stress on the laser systems and thereby provides improved reliability and longer laser life.

The Mercury Laser Chiller is portable and may be configured with numerous options to meet the exact specifications for your system.


Laser Chiller Applications of some of our current customers:

  • Deep draw presses
  • EDM
  • Grinding
  • Induction heating and ovens
  • Lasers: Diode pumped lasers, CO2 -cutting lasers, Nd; Yag Marking lasers, PCB drilling, Fiber Optic
  • Metallurgy
  • Polishing
  • Spindles
  • Thermal Spray
  • Testing
  • Welding


Mercury Chiller Rackmount-heat-exchanger-216x216 Low Temperature Chillers Custom Chiller Custom Benchtop Chiller
Mercury Chiller Rackmount Chiller Low Temperature Chiller Custom Chiller Benchtop Chiller