Extended Temperature Fluorinated Fluid Heat Exchanger

Fluorinated fluids are used in a wide variety of systems and are often found when heat stability, purity and low toxicity is necessary.  Fluorinated Fluids are utilized for extreme conditions because of their unique properties including non-flammability, low and high temperature (5 to 230°C),  stability and non-toxicity.

The  Extended Temperature Fluorinated Fluid Heat Exchanger from BV Thermal Systems is capable of meeting the SEMI-S2 Safety standards and F-47 power and voltage sag standards in addition to meeting your exact specifications.  Featuring the highest quality plumbing in the industry, the Fluorinated Fluid Heat Exchanger has a 5°C to 230°C temperature range and provides exceptional temperature control with ±1°C accuracy. Featuring user adjustable temperature high & low alarm with a remote signal and a reservoir drain with ball valve and liquid filled pressure gauge in PSI and Kpa, the Extended Temperature Fluorinated Fluid Heat Exchanger is built to last.  With the largest selection of options in the industry, the Fluorinated Fluids Heat Exchanger may be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements and specifications.

Extended Temperature Flourinated Fluid Heat Exchanger Additional Features

  • 5° to 230°C Temperature Range
  • SEMI-S2, F47, CE
  • R & D Field Test of 36 Months, Running at 200°C for 24/7/365 Resulting in No Failures or Run Time Interruptions
  • Designed for International Use with Identical Performance on 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Externally Adjustable Bypass Valve
  • Off the Shelf PLC Controlled for High Reliability, Ease of Use, Worldwide Indefinite Support
  • Off the Shelf PID Temperature Controller or PLC Controlled and +/-0.1° Temperature Stability on Static Loads
  • Numerous Remote Options as Standard, RS-232, RS-485, USB, Analog, Numerous “languages” for Ease of Integration
  • Field Connectable for Remote Controlled/Accessed Service History and Diagnoses
  • Leak Free Magnetically Coupled Pumps
  • Closed and Facility Loop Ball Valves on all Plumbing Connections
  • Redundant Temperature and Process Alarms for High Level of Safety and SEMI ORG Compliances
  • Complete Silicone 650°C Rated Insulation for Highest Degree of Energy Savings and Safety
  • Welded Frame for Low Noise and Vibration Transmission
  • Only 1 GPM facility cooling Water Required for Most Applications, Facility Water Usage Based on Individual Customer Needs
  • Flow Rate 0.5 to >20 GPM in Magnetically Coupled Type Pumps
  • Easily Customizable to Individual Customer Requirements