Custom Engineering

Custom Engineering •Custom Chillers •Custom Heat Exchangers

Custom Engineering, Custom Design and Custom Manufacturing leads to Custom Chillers and Custom Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchangers.

What makes BV Thermal Systems stand out from the other manufacturers?  We have the ability to combine custom engineering, custom designing and custom manufacturing to deliver you a chiller or heat exchanger to meet your exact specifications.  No detail is too small or too large.  We take the time to understand your process and use that knowledge to design, engineer and manufacture the unit your process requires.

From the moment we begin designing the machine, we do everything possible to ensure that you receive the custom chillers and fluid to fluid heat exchangers you require to keep your process running.  We search out the best components, and we follow the highest engineering and manufacturing practices. Once the unit is completed, we rigorously test it to guarantee that the unit performs as we expect. Each and every machine we build must perform to our high standards. Your customers rely on you to produce for them and you can rely upon us to design, engineer and manufacture your unit on time and on budget.

BV Thermal Systems, a Division of Budzar Industries, has experienced engineers, a top quality sourcing department and a state of the art manufacturing facility all devoted to meeting the needs of our customers now and in the future.; It is our goal to be your first choice when you require temperature control products.


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