Custom Chillers


The saying don’t use a round peg to fill a square hole exists for a reason.  Not all processes are identical which is why BV Thermal Systems offers the option of designing a Custom Chiller specific to YOUR NEEDS.  Our Custom Chillers provide you with a solution to your thermal requirements. The BV Thermal Systems Custom Chillers won’t require you to use the round peg.

Benefits of Custom Chillers from BV Thermal Systems

  • Private Labeling
  • 3-D Cad Design based upon your requirements
  • Experienced designers and engineers
  • Quality Manufacturing
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • At-Cost Prototypes – You pay for materials costs only
  • Performance Testing
  • Documentation

About Our Custom Chillers 

With such standard features as: continuous cooling with a temperature range from -40°C to +200°C,  a low profile design and high quality locking casters.  Custom Recirculating Chillers are able to provide a small footprint with exceptional performance and unmatched reliability.

Designed, engineered, manufactured and thoroughly tested in the United States  the recirculating chillers feature a hot gas by-pass which routes the hot, uncondensed refrigerant back through a reservoir coil thus eliminating the on/off cycling of the compressor.

With simplicity in design and operation, the BV Thermal Systems Recirculating Custom Chiller is designed to provide years of reliable liquid temperature control.

With environmentally friendly CFC refrigerant the Recirculating Custom Chillers feature corrosion free wetted surfaces.  With the largest selection of options in the industry, the Recirculating Custom Chiller may be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements and specifications.

Our Custom Chillers provide precise temperature control and cooling below ambient temperature. Whether you require a  stand-alone system or  integrated within a larger system, BV Thermal Systems is able to work within your parameters.   We have extensive experience designing chillers for the semiconductor, laser and medical equipment industries.

Features of our Custom Chillers 

    • Full featured PID controller with easy Auto-tuning
    • External pressure – flow adjustment
    • One positive displacement pump
    • Seamless polyethylene tank with easy fill 3″ port
    • Hot gas bypass
    • Level, flow & temperature remote signals
    • Corrosion free wetted surfaces
    • Adjustable high & low temperature alarms
    • Four locking non-marring casters

Custom Chiller Options

    • Controller package with low level LED, low flow LED, Temperature alarm with LED, Cooling on LED, Relay contacts open on fault (NC dry) via DB9-F, pins 1 & 9, Remote start/stop on DB9-F, pins 3 & 7
    • RS-232 Interface with temperature controller & pC based software or RS-485 Interface with temperature controller
    • NEMA 4X electrical enclosure