Choosing a Chiller

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Chillers provide heat removal for a wide variety of processes and industries.  From bakeries, to wine to laboratories, to laser, to semiconductor, to plastics to medical.  The list goes on infinitely.  Choosing a chiller that is accurately sized will increase the speed and accuracy of production and protect process equipment while saving money in the form of energy consumption.

Choosing a Chiller

There are four basic areas to consider when choosing a chiller.

1 – Coolant Temperature – It is important to measure the coolant temperature a the inlet of your process or equipment.  As the coolant travels from the chiller to the process, the temperature may rise.   The further away the higher the potential for heat gain.  By insulating the cooling line, the heat gain can be minimized.   By placing the chiller as close as possible to the equipment or process being cooled will also help to minimize the heat gain.

2 – Heat Load – This is the amount of heat that needs to be removed.  It is normally expressed in BTU’s/hr or sometimes watts.  The heat load is most often provided however, if not, it can be calculated:

Heat Load = Flow Rate x Fluid Density x Fluid Specific Heat x Constant x ΔT°.

3 – Coolant Flow and Pressure – These parameters are usually provided and are a function of the surface area and the heat transfer characteristics of the process/material being cooled.  It is critically important that the chillers deliver coolant at the proper flow rate and pressure.  If the flow rate or the pressure is too low the heat removal will be insufficient.  If the flow rate or pressure is too high damages to the equipment may result.

4 – Condenser Heat Dissipation – Your options include an air-cooled chiller which exhausts heat into the surrounding atmosphere or a water-cooled chiller which dissipates heat into a water supply.

Why Choose a Chiller from BV Thermal Systems?

BV Thermal Systems, Division of Budzar Industries,  has a reputation of exceptional quality and unmatched reliability in the liquid chiller market.  BV Thermal Systems’ Recirculating Air-Cooled Mercury Chillers Low Temperature Chillers , Water-Cooled Chillers and Rack-Mounted Chillers, are designed to circulate a fluid medium through a process application for cooling, supply temperatures between -20°C  to 35°C  and are able to service single or multiple cooling points.

We offer many standard models for the Mercury Chiller, Low Temperature Chiller and Rack-Mounted Chiller that satisfy many application needs.  We also excel in customizing chillers to meet your specific requirements.   We are experts when it comes to chillers.  Allow us to help you in choosing a chiller that best fits your unique application.

“They are bullet proof, (chillers), they start right up and never have a problem.”CTC - Chiller Customer

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