Chiller Maintenance Tips

chiller-maintenance-tip-BVThermal Systems

Chiller Maintenance Tips

BV Thermal Systems Chillers are designed, engineered and manufactured to last for years.  However, if they are not serviced with simple, routine maintenance, the life of the chiller is drastically cut.  However, with a few simple chiller maintenance tips, your chiller should last for years.

1 – Inspect and Clean the Condenser

  • Remove build-up of any debris (i.e. dirt, oil)
  • Inspect the condenser fins (use compressed air >30PSI in opposite direction of air flow

2 – Clean the Air Filters

  • Blow and wash out

3 – Check the Water Quality/Glycol Mixture

  • Make necessary adjustments

4 – Inspect Fluid Filters/Strainers

  • Make necessary adjustments

5 – Inspect Fluid System for:

  • Fluid Leaks
  • Loose Pipe Fittings or hoses -tighten as necessary
  • Plumbing parts for wear  – replace as necessary

6 – Check Voltage and Amp Draw

  • Readings should be withing +/- 10% of the nameplate
  • Maximum difference +/- 2% between each phase

7 – Inspect Mechanical Components

  • Look for signs of wear
  • Look for overheating (discolored paint or metal could be an indicator of a motor under excessive load and over-drawing current)
  • Listen for excessive noise or any metallic sounds
  • Fill all components with lubrication fittings

8 – Inspect Wiring

  • Confirm that the Disconnect is OFF
  • Replace any damaged wiring to reduce shortening or unintentional grounds

9 – Inspect  and Test Refrigeration System

  • Look inside the chiller for traces of refrigeration leakage (drop of oil inside of the chiller or refrigeration lines covered in oil could indicate leakage)

10 – Pump Seals

  • Pump seals are designed to permit some leakage to promote the life of the seal.