Chiller & Heat Exchanger Applications

BV thermal Systems Portable Chillers

Chillers are used in many different industries to remove heat from one element to another in order to cool down the process machinery.  BV Thermal Systems manufactures chiller systems including water and air cooled chillers.  We supply chillers and heat exchangers for various applications in the semiconductor, laser, medical, research, laboratory  and other industries and institutions.

A chiller can be used to cool any machine or process that operates at 60° F or over.

BV Thermal Systems offers various temperature control units that are found in a wide variety of industries.  Below is a chart indicating the different chiller & heat exchanger applications where the units are often utilized.

Chiller and Heat Exchanger Applications

Analytical Instrumentation Vacuum Coating Equipment Critical Point Dryers
Lasers Chromatography Equipment Electrophoresis Baths
Medical Equipment Environmental Chambers Crystal Growth Apparatus
Medical Lasers Fermentation Equipment Interferometers
Semiconductor Wafers Photographic Baths X-Ray Equipment
Water-Cooled Optics Polarimeters Refractometers
Process Cooling Medical Lasers Linear Accelerators
Diffusion Pumps Turbo-Molecular Pumps Vacuum Systems
Plasma Etch Equipment Sputtering Systems NMR Magnet
Power Supplies MRI Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Quenching Fiber Optics Cables Chemical and Organic Reactions Gallium Arsenide Crystal Growth