Recirculating Chillers & Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchangers

BV Thermal Systems, Division of Budzar Industries and manufacturer of the Bay Voltex Chillers, specializes in precision temperature control Recirculating Chillers and Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchangers for the Laser, Semiconductor, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Recirculating Chiller, Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchanger and Rack Mount Chiller from BV Thermal SystemsIn addition, BV Thermal Systems is a pioneer in working with clients and designing custom packaged systems to meet their exact specifications.

Benefits of choosing BV Thermal Systems

BV Thermal Systems, (formerly Bay Voltex) has been designing and manufacturing temperature control recirculating chillers and fluid to fluid heat exchangers for the semiconductor, laser, medical, bio-pharmaceutical and laboratory industries since 1980.  We take pride in our ability to design and build a recirculating chiller or fluid to fluid heat exchanger to your exact specifications without the time delay often found in other manufacturing facilities.

In order to Recirculating Chillers from BV Thermal Systemsdeliver to you the unit you need requires us to develop a close working relationship with you.  It is critical for us to understand all of the intricacies involved in your manufacturing process.  With a thorough understanding of your process we are then able to produce a unit that will provide you with the exact temperature control required to keep your manufacturing up and running.

We understand that you have many options when choosing a chiller – both here and overseas – which is why we are constantly exploring top quality, cost-saving parts.  As a proud US manufacturer, we are continually testing ourselves to ensure we are providing you with the absolute best temperature control unit possible so that when you require additional units, you contact us again.



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