Bakeries use Chillers from BV Thermal Systems


The baking process is temperature sensitive. Whether it is the storage of ingredients, or the mixing of the dough, temperature-controlled conditions are critical to ensure product quality.  Many bakeries used fluorocarbon-based cooling systems which are toxic and may impact taste.  However, over the last 10 years  more bakeries have transitioned to cooling with glycol and chilled water systems.

Bakeries have multiple uses for chilled glycol including:
· Mixer Cooling: Chilled glycol is circulated through a cooling jacket to control the dough-out temperature, critical to any baker.
· Sponge Cooling: Chilled glycol is circulated through a plate heat exchanger, cooling Sponge.
· Chilled Potable Water: Provide 34-35° F Chilled Potable Water from our standard mixer chiller system.
· Liquid Yeast Cooling: The liquid yeast is stored in jacketed tanks and it is critical to control their temperatures.

What does the chiller do for bakeries?

Chilled water from a water chiller is utilized instead of ambient temperature water in the dough mixing process.  Due to the large amount of heat generated in the mixing process, the use of a water chiller allows the dough to be mixed for a longer period of time before it reaches a critical temperature.  The additional mixing time allows for a higher quality product to be produced.  

Who needs a chiller?
Chillers are used in artisan and medium sized bakeries alike.  Utilization of a chiller provides the temperature consistency required in a bakery thereby ensuring quality and repeat-ability of the product. 
The use of  chillers in a bakery whether artisan or industrial) prevents the need to use ice for cooling purposes.  Utilization of ice may change the properties of the dough and change the gluten.  By keeping the temperature consistent, there is little chance of  deterioration of the dough yeast that may occur with thermal shocks, 

BV Thermal System  offers user-friendly portable chillers that easily integrate into your bakery process. Engineered for a production environment, designed for easy set-up and manufactured with highly reliable, cost effective components.


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