Sep 04

Eat Cake with BV Thermal’s Bakery Chillers

Did you know National Bakery Day is September 14? Have you ever wondered about the history of baking? Unleavened flat breads have been around since the B.C. era. when grains were crushed then cooked on hot stones.  During medieval times, cake was made with yeast and the texture was more bread-like; it was often flavored with ingredients like honey, nuts, and dried fruit.  By the mid-17th century, refined sugar became more accessible, and it was boiled to make glaze which was then poured over the cake.  By the mid-19th century, yeast was replaced by other leavening agents such as baking soda and baking powder, which helped to create the fluffy cake texture we know today.  By the early 20th century, commercial mixers helped increase speed and efficiency in bakeries, and buttercream icing became popular.  

But how does chemistry affect baking? It turns out heat and water are the most important elements of baking.  Therefore, modern-day bakers must utilize chillers to ensure quality for their baked goods.  Many chillers use glycol, which is a food-grade antifreeze and is necessary when a food is being cooled.  Glycol makes a good heat transfer fluid because it can be mixed with water and can handle a broad array of temperatures.  Glycol can cool below the freezing point, making it ideal for freezers.  Bakeries often use chilled glycol to control dough temperature.  Using a chiller can help prevent food spoilage, as temperature-control is critical in baking.  Heat is the result of chemical reactions in baking, and glycol can quickly carry away heat better than just water.  If you’re in need of a chiller for your bakery, check out our website: and read the following fun facts about America’s favorite baked goods:

A “Parade” poll shows our favorite pies: 36% pumpkin, 17% pecan, 14% apple, 10% sweet potato, 9% chocolate, 4% lemon meringue, 3% cherry, 3% blueberry, 2% strawberry, 2% other (

According to a survey of bakers, the most commonly requested flavors for wedding cakes are: vanilla, chocolate, Funfetti, lemon, spice, and almond (

Here is how Americans ranked their favorite cookies: 10) M&M 9) butter 8) shortbread 7) sugar 6) white chocolate macadamia nut 5) oatmeal raisin 4) Oreo 3) peanut butter 2) brownies 1) chocolate chip (