Apr 23

Celebrate Earth Day with BV Thermal’s Recirculating Chillers

Earth Day is April 22.  Earth Day was founded in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues.  With Earth Day approaching, companies are striving to create products that have a low-impact on the environment.  For example, Mrs. Meyer’s and Seventh Generation make “cleaner” cleaning products.  But even corporations such as Nike are striving to become more eco-friendly.  BV Thermal has some environmentally-friendly products too! For precise temperature control, look no further than our recirculating chillers.  They are well-suited for industries such as laboratories and medical facilities who require heat removal.  They are environmentally-friendly, quiet, compact, reliable, and cost-effective.  Did you know BV Thermal is a leading manufacturer in the global recirculation chiller market?  Visit for more information!  Your company, too, can make a difference this Earth Day.  Here are five suggestions:


  1. Educate: create a fun, education video or PowerPoint presentation for your employees or create games/learning activities on environmental topics in which your employees can participate.
  2. Impact: have your employees research statistics about recycling, plastic, etc. to share with their co-workers.  Seeing the numbers on paper makes it more “real.”
  3. Inspire: ask employees to reduce their own consumption of plastic and paper by switching from Styrofoam/plastic cups to reusable travel coffee mugs/water bottles and storing files electronically instead of printing on paper.
  4. Reward: create a fun challenge for departments or individuals to participate in, such as a recycling drive, then hand out eco-friendly prizes.
  5. Encourage: ask employees to share the company’s sustainability practices by adopting the same habits at home.